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Al-Mustaqbal Environmental Meeting Conference: October 2018

Kharafi National discussed the impact assessment of the social impact of the implementation of sewage treatment plant in the future

Objective of the project: The project aims to establish the first phase of the sewage treatment plant in the future city with a capacity of 60 thousand m 3 / day, using a three stage treatment system to serve and absorb the drainage actions resulting from the establishment and reconstruction of the future city.

Project description: The treatment plant to be constructed in the far north east of the city is located next to Cairo Suez Road inside the city walls of the future constructed to service.

The treatment plant of the future City according to the stages of development and urban development of the city where the population is expected at saturation 1,100,000 people, and the design of the plant to be implemented in 4 phases to maximum achieve capacity of four stages 240,000 m 3 / day to serve the whole city This study is intended to implement the first phase of the plant with a capacity of 60,000 m 3 / day. According to the development phases of the city, the capacity of the first phase is sufficient to serve the areas to be constructed until 2030, for the urban development and even the establishment of the whole city.

The city includes residential units, areas of economic, commercial, entertainment, administrative and educational activities.