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 Quality Management System

A deep commitment to quality is embedded in Kharafi National’s corporate culture and the company’s quality policy is a true reflection of the vision of its senior management.

Quality objectives have been established for all business lines and service departments, and quality considerations are an integral part of all project planning. Regular reviews of the company’s quality management system by top management are considered the key to continuous improvements in the quality of everything Kharafi National undertakes.

The exact requirements of a client are always established at the start of a project and his feedback on the final product obtained on completion. This feedback is analyzed by the Quality Assurance Department and the results are used to improve the effectiveness of the company’s quality management system.

The quality management system applied in Kharafi National is based on the principles of ISO 9001 and it is certified to ISO 9001:2008.


 Quality Assurance

The art of quality assurance is highly developed at Kharafi National, where an emphasis is placed on the prevention of problems rather than dependence on the detection of errors or non-conformances.
 Well-established QA Procedures
Quality assurance procedures are in place for all aspects of Kharafi National’s operations including tendering, project execution, central procurement, subcontracts administration, man-hours and cost control, document control, and the control of non-conforming product. Project specific procedures are also developed on an ad hoc basis to meet the contractual requirements of particular projects.
 QMS Orientations 
All Kharafi National employees are fully trained in the quality procedures applicable to their areas of work. Indeed all new employees receive mandatory training on the quality management system within their first month and are briefed on every procedure they need to be effective in their job, which helps them understand the Kharafi culture.
 Internal Quality Auditing 
The quality assurance department regularly tests the effective implementation of quality assurance procedures through a well-planned system of internal quality audits of projects and departments. The audit schedule is updated twice a year depending on the status and importance of the processes and areas to be audited and the results of previous audits. Each audit report is reviewed and commented upon by top management, and corrective actions, if required, are directly followed up by the senior management.
 Quality Objectives 
Each business line and service department has its own set of specific measurable quality objectives, which are revised as necessary in light of the company’s future plans and the markets it serves.
 Use of Six Sigma
The structured methodology of Six Sigma is used to analyze and determine the root causes of problems and improve business processes. Six Sigma has helped the company improve its business results, through cost savings and other ways that are tangible and measurable.

 Quality Control


Kharafi National is committed to delivering products and services that comply not only with contractual conditions but also with international quality standards.

 Approach to Quality Control
Before construction activities begin, quality control staff members gain an understanding of the requirements in the project specifications and applicable design codes and then create an effective quality control system for the project. Inspection and test plans (ITPs) are designed in such a way that at each stage verification and measuring activities can be carried out to ensure that results are within specified limits or tolerances to prevent costly re-working. During project execution, quality control staff routinely monitor activities rather than waiting for a problem to appear.

Modern construction techniques, innovative procedures, and an emphasis on quality control enable Kharafi National to deliver quality service to its customers.
 Role of Quality Control Department
The company’s Quality Control Department helps operations control the quality of their end products by providing support during tendering, by sourcing and developing quality control staff, and by providing support during and after execution.

To improve welding efficiency and the upgrading of the welders, this department analyzes and evaluates welders’ performance. The department has established more than 100 welding procedure qualification records.
 Matrix Reporting 
The company has a unique system of matrix reporting for quality control staff deployed to project sites. They report to the project managers on their day-to-day work but report to quality control department in functional matters. This matrix reporting arrangement helps maintain the independence of quality control personnel on project sites.
 Well-established QC Procedures 
Kharafi National has procedures for developing project quality plans and ITPs in the fields of piping, pipelines, tanks, equipment, welding, and painting as well as in other disciplines such as civil, mechanical, electrical, and instrumentation works. The project specific technical work instructions are prepared in order to ensure that specific project requirements are met and act as the controlling document for the specific activities mentioned in the ITPs. 
 Welding Training Center
Kharafi National has a well-established welders training and certification centre to overcome the anticipated shortage of welders in the Middle East. In order to meet its operational requirements, this training centre imparts theoretical and practical training that upgrades the skills of semi-skilled welders to those of fully-qualified welders and develops qualified welders into multi-skilled welders.

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