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During tendering and the creation of proposals, the first stage in the project cycle, Kharafi National’s Proposals Department takes a professional and focused approach that prepares the ground for the realistic expectations, quality deliverables and successful execution that create a win-win situation for the company and its clients.

Though it is located in corporate head-office in Kuwait, the Proposals Department manages the proposal cycle for all operational areas throughout the Middle East. The department has end-to-end responsibility for tenders from the initial decision to bid, through offer preparation to the submission of proposals. It takes a leading role in negotiations with the client. After a contract has been signed, the Proposals Department organizes the transition to the operational phase.

Tendering activities begin with the preparation of the key elements of a project and an analysis of the risks involved. Cost estimations for materials, labour and direct and indirect costs are then drawn up. For each bid these activities are undertaken by dedicated proposal teams, ie project based groups assembled from a pool of technical experts available within the department, managed by a proposal coordinator. The proposal teams are supported by a number of experts from other departments such as legal, financial and insurance advisors, quality, health and safety, and risk experts, as well as human resources managers.

Due to the importance of experience and specialization in the very different types of projects that Kharafi National pursues, the Corporate Proposals Department is divided into five main sections: EPC, Construction, Facilities Management, (ABJ, Instant Access & Qtech) and Front End Implementation Team. Each section is the responsibility of a department manager with the relevant technical and commercial evaluation and expertise, broad international experience, and a reputation for excellence. These managers have credibility with customers and business partners and are recognised leaders within Kharafi National.

Kharafi National’s proposal coordinators and tendering engineers comprise a multi-national, multi-skilled pool of experts, with significant experience in engineering, design, project execution and related operational disciplines. For most projects, operatives such as project managers or senior project engineers join the proposal team. This enables the team to benefit from their practical, hands-on knowledge and experience in the field. As these individuals are likely to be deployed on the project should a bid be successful, their participation during the tendering allows them to become familiar with the project right from the beginning.

A successful tender is one which results in a contract that is beneficial to both Kharafi National and the client, and winning a tender can never be an end in itself. The Proposals Department’s ability to create realistic proposals time after time is the foundation upon which Kharafi National’s culture of excellence rests.

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